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Professional place branding that gets to the heart

Place branding is all around us. It’s a concept that the general public may not even be overtly aware off but needs to exist. Everywhere you look in towns, cities, and regions, there is branding that identifies those places.

The challenge is to communicate the essence of the place so that locals can feel proud and outsiders can feel drawn.
At Eno Digital, we have developed a deep-learning strategy, which enables us to get to the heart of a community and craft professional place branding that works. We make it our mission to understand the nuances of an area—what makes it unique and compelling—and translate this through the place’s own, defined brand identity.

Our place brand design team delivers projects for both city and regional initiatives that:

  • Encourage pride in a community
  • Support regional development
  • Boost local and international trade
  • Launch local regeneration projects

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